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Fun & Creativity

Go Beyond fosters development by planning activities that focus on each domain:

Physical, Cognitive, Communicative, Socioemotional and Adaptive. 


We see an importance in both product art and process art. 

Product Art often involves step-by-step instructions on how to complete a project. Though there tends to be a claimed "right" and "wrong" way to do this type of art, it also offers opportunity to introduce new techniques and structured creativity, creating a different kind of innovative challenge. This art process also provides tangible projects that we can link to academic themes.

While Process Art fosters independent creativity. Everyone's art will likely look different as they'll be using different materials, methods, and exploring their own unique techniques. This art process allows children to flourish in their creativity and try new things, forcing them to think outside the box; it allows them to enjoy art for the sake of art. 

At Go Beyond, we get pretty excited when we show children how to do art AND when we just let them freely create - both opportunities develop into final products that are as unique and creative as the children who are making them.


Go Beyond believes strongly in the important of movement, which is why we are incorporating it at every opportunity possible. 

Indoor movement involves:

  • Random dance parties

  • Structured movement activities on our iPad or Smart Panel 

  • Obstacle courses

  • Scheduled gym times with structured games as well as free play

Outdoor movement is equally important, but with ND weather is not always as accessible. Go Beyond makes sure we get out for even five minutes if that's all that weather will permit. We enjoy semi-structured games, free play on our playground, chalk art out on our sidewalk and occasional walks around our neighborhood. 


Go Beyond believes strongly that the foundation of all that we learn stems from language development, which starts from our basic babbles and small gestures in infancy and progresses all the way to full blown sentences and eventually learning to recognize letters and read. The Creative Curriculum, Handwriting Without Tears and weekly Literacy Class are just a few of the resources our Preschool program uses to aide in language development, preparing our students for Kindergarten.

In addition, Go Beyond also uses Signing Time, which is an American Sign Language curriculum. 


Our music teacher comes in once a week to sing, dance and introduce different musical instruments to our students. Her passion for teaching is evident and our students look forward to their weekly jam sessions with

Miss Hope!


Go Beyond knows how important pre-academics are, but also puts a strong emphasis on social and emotional development. Skills focused on include but are not limited to: problem solving, decision making, and creative play. Preparing our children socially is important so that they learn to navigate socialization which includes getting along with others, taking turns, compromising, and working together. Go Beyond not only wants to help our children grow academically but wants them to become confident in themselves all around; social-emotional development is a large component of this.

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